Keto Gardening: Where To Begin When Starting A Keto-Friendly Garden

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Do you want to grow your own veggies while sticking to your low carb, Keto diet? Are you not sure where to begin or what to plant?

I am a lifelong gardener but when it came time to plant my vegetable garden the first summer after I started the Keto diet four years ago, I realized that not all the things I normally grow are keto-friendly. I started the keto diet in January, and it never crossed my mind, come gardening time in Vermont, that I might have to alter what I planted.

My food and recipes have always been filled with fruits and vegetables, they are essential for a healthy, healing, well-rounded diet. And following a keto diet does not change that.

I began gardening when I was little, growing vegetables and flowers with my mom. One of the most important things we grew were masses of fresh tomatoes all summer long. It just wasn’t summer without a sandwich made from freshly picked tomatoes. As I grew up, I worked in garden centers and nurseries. I lived on my family’s flower farm in Vermont. So gardening is a part of my life and always has been. And vegetable gardening is something that I have always done, whether in a pot, in a community garden, on a farm, or in my own backyard.

So if you are new to gardening, or new to keto, or to both – let me help you figure out what vegetables to grow in your keto kitchen garden.

The answer is, there are so many delicious, and nutritious, low carb, keto vegetables that you can eat. Are there fruits and vegetables to avoid? Yes, absolutely, but there are also other genius vegetables which can be substituted for them. I have created a monthly-by-month guides of the keto fruits and vegetables that are in season each month. Check these out below. In addition, all of my recipes are vegetarian, pescatarian and low carb. keto-friendly, with the exception of the occasional seasonal splurges.

Seasonal Keto Fruits And Vegetables By Month

Following a keto diet does not have to feel limiting. There are boundless beautiful fruits and vegetables to grow and eat. You can still eat the rainbow. Just look at these beautiful options.

If you are new to the keto diet, or looking to eat fewer carbs, and are interested in growing your own vegetables at home I have taken the guesswork out of it for you. I have put together my top five picks to plant along with a growing guide and nutritional information for each. I have chosen my top five keto-friendly vegetables to grow which are:

1. The easiest Keto vegetables to grow

Counting carbs is hard enough, no one wants to start keto gardening growing complicated, tricky plants. I have chosen these five because they are simple and fairly foolhardy.

2. The most productive Keto vegetables to grow

Let’s keep your plate full all summer long…. these five picks are bountiful producers and will leave you satisfied and proud. Though I love my speciality plants, in flowers and food I put my energy into those that produce all summer long.

3. The most versatile Keto vegetables to grow

I have also chosen these five because they are the most versatile vegetables, lending themselves to being eaten fresh, cooked, and preserved. So if you want to make fresh salads, cooked meals, sauces, or pickled vegetables, these are your vegetables.

So get ready to stick to your low carb diet while eating fresher, healthier foods, spending more time outside in the garden, and saving money at the grocery store! To get my top five picks to plant enter your email below. You’ll be able to download the Keto Kitchen Garden Guide in an instant (and also get Free Shipping in the store). Happy growing! And if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask, in the comments below or by emailing [email protected].


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