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Welcome to A Cultivated Living, where my life in design and my love of cooking meet. I’m Joanna, a designer, creator, cook, and gardener living in Vermont. Here I share inspiration and recipes for a healthy home, garden, and life… focusing on delicious, shareable low carb and keto meals.

The truth is, when I changed my eating three+ years ago it changed my life. 

My Background

I have always eaten healthy(ish). I have been a pescatarian for well over a decade and have (thankfully) lived a very healthy life… But…

I have suffered from migraines monthly for most of my adult life, and if you’ve ever had a migraine you know just how much that sucks. I tried all the things… the prescriptions, supplements, you name it, nothing really worked.⠀

Then one day I thought to research the keto diet. I read the book Ketotarian by Dr Will Cole and a lot of what he said made sense. I believe that inflammation leads to many of our illnesses and pain and that the keto diet can mitigate much of that. So I decided to jump in and give it a try. (Like immediately, and then when I realized how many carbs were in the coffee I had just finished I knew I had a lot to learn.)

The result: I haven’t had a migraine since. It has truly changed my life.

Along the way I found that there was a lot to learn about the Keto lifestyle and that there was something missing… I wanted to eat the same beautiful, inspired, healthy, delicious meals I always had, and be able to share them with friends and family. ⠀

A Cultivated Living: My Hope

This is what has led me to create A Cultivated Living, to share what I have learned, to create low carb recipes that anyone would love, and to continue my journey creating and cultivating a healthy home, garden, and life.⠀

I wish the same health and happiness for you… and I hope that I can help you reach it. If you are interested I hope you follow along, I’d love to share this journey with you. Say hello in the comments below!

Cheers! Joanna

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  • Fritz Klemperer and Regina Mushabac

    We are impressed with all the work you have done. Your taste is impeccable. We especially enjoy the rustic cabin. We are honored to be your new neighbors and walking past your beautiful home and landscaping each day. We look forward to seeing more in your blog.
    Regina and Fritz

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