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Baked Brie & Preserves

Three ingredients and 15 minutes is all you need to make this decadent Baked Brie And Preserves. This recipe is a must for the busy entertainer, especially at the holidays! Warm melted Brie cheese swirls with sweet preserves and is accented with the crunch of walnuts. Switch up the preserves with the season or your menu.


VegetarianLow Carb“Keto"Gluten-Free

Recipe Notes

This recipe is part of a focus on baked brie that I am doing for my Fall Entertaining Series. Baked Brie is an easy and indulgent recipe that everyone loves. This is the second recipe in the series, and one which I chose because it is incredibly simple and yet so delicious. It requires only three ingredients and is ready in minutes. I made this with a new preserve that I am carrying in the shop – Caramelized Fig With Pear & Honey – it pairs perfectly with the brie, and is so festive for Thanksgiving and the holidays.

A close up of a cracker topped with melted Baked Brie And Preserves with a walnut on top. In the background, is a cheese board with a Baked Brie, sliced apples, and crackers.

The Ingredients

Brie is a rich and creamy cheese, and one that I choose over and over again. It is a fabulous choice for cooking and baking, and to serve on a cheese board. It is relatively mild, characterized by a buttery and velvety texture with an earthy, and slightly sweet taste. As it ages, Brie can develop more pronounced flavors, including hints of mushrooms and nuts. The edible, bloomy rind adds a distinct earthy and tangy note to the overall flavor profile. More on Brie below.

Preserves are a type of fruit spread made from large pieces of fruit along with sugar, and sometimes pectin. For this recipe, I used the new Caramelized Fig Preserves With Pear & Honey from my shop. Fig and brie are a perfect pairing – especially for the holidays. Other fruits to try would be: cherry, pear, apple, raspberry, blackberry, and orange. Check out the pantry section in the store for a selection of perfect preserves to pair with cheese.

Walnuts are a favorite nut for fall and winter. They have a mildly sweet and earthy taste. Walnuts are high in healthy fats and are a good source of protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, including manganese and copper.

A brie cheese and a jar of Blake Hill Preserves Caramelized Fig Preserves with Pear & Honey being used in the preparation of a Baked Brie And Preserves recipe.

What Is Brie Cheese?

Brie cheese, often referred to as the Queen Of Cheeses, is arguably the most famous cheese from France. It originated in the French region Brie, from which it derives its name. Hundreds of years ago, it was used as a tribute paid to French Kings.

Brie is made from cow’s milk. To make Brie, rennet is added to the raw milk and then heated. This creates the curd, which is then strained and cast into molds. After the cheese has been in the molds for around 18 hours, the cheese is salted and aged for a minimum of four weeks.

It should be noted that Brie in France is very different from that exported to the United States. Brie in France is not stabilized and therefore develops a darker hue and more complex flavor as it matures. Brie that is exported to the states is stabilized. It does not mature, but stays pale, with a white rind, and has a much longer shelf life.

A brie spread with preserves and topped with walnuts, in a ceramic brie baker being prepped for the oven.

How To Prepare A Baked Brie Without Pastry

While a Brie En Croûte (wrapped in pastry) is a showstopper, and one that I will be making this Thanksgiving, it is also A LOT of appetizer. Meaning, it is rich, buttery, decadent, and wrapped in layers of flaky pastry. And while this is awesome, it is not ideal for every diet, or every occasion. That is why this recipe for baked brie without pastry is so great. It is a lighter, but still decadent alternative, which is both gluten-free and more keto-friendly, depending on the preserve used. It is also quicker and simpler to make.

Preparing this baked brie could not be simpler. As the brie is being covered with a topping, it does not need to be scored like with my Garlic Baked Brie With Herbs. Simply remove the brie from the refrigerator to bring it to room temperature, generously spread the top with the preserves of your choice, and bake for about 15 minutes! For the complete instructions, see the recipe below.

What To Serve With Baked Brie

This baked brie is Vegetarian, Low Carb, and Keto-Friendly, so pairing it with accompaniments that are also diet-friendly is a win-win at parties. So try adding a few inclusive options to give everyone something to scoop with.

  • Fresh Vegetable Crudité
  • Crackers, Flatbreads & Breads
  • Gluten-Free Crackers, Flatbreads & Breads
  • Fresh Fruit: Sliced Apples, Pears, Grapes, Or Berries
  • Vegetable Alternatives To Crackers Like Endive, Raddicchio, Or Kale
A top view of a table with a cheese board with a fresh Baked Brie And Preserves, paired with sliced apples, and crackers.

Tips & Tricks

Here are a few things that might help:

  • For the creamiest baked brie, choose a Triple Crème cheese.
  • Remove the brie from the refrigerator about half an hour before it will be baked.
  • Bake the brie in a Ceramic Brie Baker to optimize melting and serving.
  • Make sure nuts (if using) are also at room temperature when baking.
Brie bakes make baking brie a brie-ze - Shop Brie Bakers At A Cultivated Living


Here are some suggested substitutions to make this baked brie a better fit for your palate, preferences, and diet. If you are looking for specific substitutions, let me know in the comments below!

  • Brie Cheese Alternative: Camembert can be used instead of Brie. Both cheeses have edible, bloomy rinds and a soft paste interior. Brie has a milder, creamier taste, while camembert has deeper, more intense flavors.
  • Sweet Alternatives To Preserves: Honey, Cranberry Sauce.
  • Savory Alternatives To Preserves: Onion Jam, Caramelized Onions, Pesto, Garlic Confit.
A close up of cheese board with a fresh Baked Brie And Preserves sliced open with melted brie pouring out.


Should I remove the rind from brie before baking?

The rind of brie is completely edible and adds to the flavor of the cheese. There is no need to remove the rind before baking, especially in this recipe. Not only is it delicious, but it helps hold in the melted interior brie paste.

What flavors go well with baked brie?

Baked brie is equally delicious whether served savory or sweet. The savory flavors that are delicious with brie are garlic, caramelized onion, roasted root vegetables, and mushrooms. The sweet flavors that pair well with brie are fresh fruits like apple, pear, figs, grapes, cranberries, and raspberries, jams or preserves, and honey,

Should you score brie before baking?

It isn’t necessary to score brie before baking, but it does add visual interest, making a prettier presentation for a simple baked brie that isn’t topped with thick toppings or wrapped in puff pastry.

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If you make this Baked Brie And Preserves be sure to leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you. And if you do make this recipe, don’t forget to tag me on Instagram, I’d love to see!

A top view of a table with a cheese board with a fresh Baked Brie And Preserves, paired with sliced apples, and crackers.

How To Make: Baked Brie & Preserves



Adjust Servings
1 8 Oz. Wheel Of Brie Cheese
3-5 Tbsp. Preserves (Like Caramelized Fig Preserves With Pear & Honey) Use your judgement to make a generous smear on top of the brie.
1/2 Cup Walnuts (optional)
Nutritional Information
6.8 Grams Net Carbs
9.3 Grams Protein
16.8 Grams Fat
190 Calories


Take the brie out of the fridge half an hour before baking.
Let the brie come to room temperature before baking, this will help it melt quicker and more evenly.
Mark as complete
Preheat the oven to 350°F and prepare the dish.
Prepare your baking dish. Use either a ceramic brie baker or other ceramic baking dish or line a cookie sheet with parchment paper.
Mark as complete
Top the brie.
Top the brie with generous spoonfuls of the preserves and dot the top with walnuts (if using)
Mark as complete
Bake for 15-20 minutes.
Bake in the oven for about 15 minutes - make sure to check as it nears this time as ovens can vary. You want the brie to be soft and gooey but not liquid.
Mark as complete
Remove from the oven and serve.
Remove the brie from the oven and let sit for two minutes. Carefully move to serving tray (if using) and serve with your choice of crackers, breads, fresh fruit, or vegetables (see suggestions in this post).
Mark as complete


  • Ellen M Schulte

    Great recipes, thank you

  • KarenHill

    Excellent I bought frozen pastry dough but could I use frozen pie dough?.I want to make this I have delicious walnuts and preserves. FIRST TIME TRYING

    • Joanna Revers

      Hi Karen, I highly recommend trying it! Yes, you could definitely use pie dough instead of puff pastry dough. The method would be the same as with my Cranberry Baked Brie En Croûte, just substitute your preserves and walnuts for the cranberry sauce. I would also keep an eye on the pastry, baking at 425 degrees may brown it quickly – you may need to turn the oven down to 375 degrees towards the end. Let me know how it turns out! Joanna

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