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Gardening has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. My mom is a master gardener and was always in the garden when I was young. Being British, she created gushing English country gardens and had a penchant for meadows. She always created gardening projects for me to do alongside her. I can remember going on dog walks in woods and fields carrying shovels and pruners, bringing back things to naturalize in the home garden... and the apple has not fallen far from the tree as I'm sure my neighbors can attest to.

In college, I worked at Smith & Hawken in Mill Valley, California in their nursery, a mecca for all things garden. I would go to the San Francisco Flower Market to make bouquets for the store. It was a dream to say the least. From California, I came to Vermont when my parents bought a cut flower farm on top of a mountain in a tiny town called Tunbridge. It was there that my love of floral design really began. I worked as a designer for many years. And through it all, there have always been bountiful and beautiful vegetable and herb gardens. Growing the food that you eat is one of the healthiest and most satisfying things you can do for your body and your soul. I hope that, here, I can bring some gardening inspiration to you and help you along the way.






 Welcome to A Cultivated Living, where my life in design meets my love of cooking. When I changed my eating it changed my life and I wish the same health and happiness for you...

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